November 18, 2008

A Kanye West Rant

Usually, I try not to bash artists because of their headlines in the media...but I think Kanye is a different case. I'm pretty sure it's not the media that's trying to cast him in a bad light; Kanye pulls that off well enough by himself. I know I'm not alone in this view because I've read several other Kanye complaints, my favorite of which is this article on Kanye's top ten D-bag moments.

The first encounter I ever had with Kanye's outspoken demeanor was back during hurricane Katrina with his infamously awkward speech about George Bush not caring about black people. If you haven't seen it before, it's worth watching:

The next point of interest is Kanye's absurdly late appearance at the Bonnaroo. If that isn't enough, when Kanye did finally take the stage, he harassed the fans that remained to see him. Check out this NME article for more information on it. The final Kanye-is-a-tool moment, the one that actually inspired this post, was his statement that he will be remembered as the voice of this generation. If KW is remembered by that label, I think I'll lose faith in music as a whole. Here's the whole article.

So there, that's my first rant post, have at it.


non serviam said...

I just love how he assumes that selling a couple million albums because MTV sucks your dick makes you the 'voice of a generation.'

I guess Fallout Boy counts as the voice of our generation as well. Excuse me while I go kill a puppy in frustration.

non serviam said...

Oh, and I'm totally going to post a shit ton of new stuff soon. I have a 10 page paper in Jewish Phil and another in Religion, so I've kind of been freaking out lately.

girl scout said...

The problem is that I still like College Dropout, and even Late Registration- and I think they're very well produced and show off his talents well.