October 29, 2008

More Muppets

Well, I guess I'm behind the curve on adding muppet videos...so here's my favorite: Weezer's "Keep Fishing" with the muppets.
October 28, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

This song is about a decade old and can be found on space rock group Spiritualized's album of the same name. The band's line-up has changed from album to album with the only constant being Jason Pierce from Spacemen 3, who is the main composer for Spiritualized. He's also obsessed with most things space related: his alias is J. Spaceman and he wanted Spiritualized to play at the debut of the CERN supercollider. The album was named NME's album of the year back in '97. This song is a great depiction of Spiritualized's musical approach: When I listen to it, I feel like I'm drunk and listening to a noise rock attempt at shoegazing. Pretty chill song overall.

Furry Happy Monsters

I'd be insane not to continue this puppet video trend. This is my FAVORITE performance from the Muppet Show, featuring none other than R.E.M.

And here's the mp3: Furry Happy Monsters

That's not all, folks.

That's right, Feist was on Sesame Street. And it was awesome.

peacez and luvz

Oh boxstr...

For some reason, Boxstr is currently down, so I can't put up a new song. It'll come soon, I promise.

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Boxstr is the free hosting service we use here. Signing up gives you like 5 gigs of hosting with decent bandwidth for free. It's pretty sweet. Anyway, more to come soon.
October 24, 2008

More Puppet Videos

I, like Thom, have an affinity for puppet music videos. They rock. Here are a few more puppet videos I remember as being really cool.

Supergrass's Pumping On Your Stereo

Blur's Coffee & TV

Interpol's Evil

Reggie and the Full Effect's Get Well Soon

Yeah this video might be kinda old at this point, but I'd forgotten about it. For those of you who never saw it, where were you? Why aren't you constantly searching the internet for anything even slightly muppet related?

October 23, 2008


Cinemechanica @ The 40 Watt - 10.17.2008

The thing you can't help but realize about Cinemechanica is that these guys are serious. They are talented musicians that care about what they do, and it shows.

Cinemechanica's album release show for their latest recording Rivals was billed as their last performance with their second drummer, Jeremy Fountain (Hi Rollers, Serka). The band has successfully employed the dual drumming not as a gimmick or strictly visual effect (I mean, there's no denying how badass it looks), but as a separate instrument bringing its own ideas to the composition table.

The band -- guitarists Andy Pruett and Bryant Williamson, bassist Matt Nelson, and drummer Mike Albanese -- took the stage after openers Bambara, Building the State, and A. Armada. They ran through a couple of numbers as low key as it is possible for Cinemechanica to play, drawing the lingering smokers in from outdoors.

One of my favorite things about live shows is when bands remember they're not just playing music (you can just listen to the album for that) -- they're performing. Cinemechanica's lighting impresses me every time. It's neither over-the-top or minimalistic; it's the perfect thrill-inducing complement to their guitar-dueling, dizzying, insane sort-of-math-rock sound.

And then Jeremy Fountain came on stage, and everyone knew what was coming. Albanese is a fantastic drummer. His energy is palpable, his drum parts intricate, and his sound powerful. And Fountain is not just along for the ride. There were times when the two were playing together, and the crowd (myself definitely included) watched in awe as they hit every single beat, down to the last cymbal grab, in perfect time with each other.

But most impressive were the separate parts. Nothing about them was simple or basic; Cinemechanica drummers are not just keeping time. Their parts are as integral to the song as every other part; they are just as carefully composed as everything else (meaning very, very carefully).

It had been awhile since I had seen Cinemechanica, but I was reminded Friday night why I've always said they are the best band in Athens -- they are superb musicians that never fail to deliver. If you missed the final double-drum attack, kick yourself a few times, but don't do it again.

Cinemechanica / Rivals
October 22, 2008

Smashing Pumpkins with Guitar Hero


This is a poor-quality radio rip of the new Pumpkins' single, G.L.O.W. (I'll replace it with the real thing as soon as I get it). G.L.O.W. is a stand-alone single that is not related to the group's upcoming multi-year, mutli-release concept album. Also...the song, for right now, is being released exclusively as a downloadable track for Guitar Hero: World Tour. Wow. Thanks, Billy Corgan.

I think this song rocks. It has all of the bad-ass in-your-face old school Pumpkins' song qualities. Of course, I probably have a positive bias towards this song because the Smashing Pumpkins used to be my favorite band. Used to be is the key phrase here; ever since the half member "reunion" and the mediocre attempt that is Zeitgeist, my opinion of Billy Corgan and his infamous band of misfits has drastically dropped. I do still have high hopes for upcoming material, especially after the way G.L.O.W. turned out. Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think.


/ Nano-Chromatic, the new iPod Nano commercial

If there's one thing I like it's ghosts and girly indie pop bands. When you first listen to it, you'll be inclined to think that the song is catchy. Catchy it is not. This song is haunting. It will pull you in, and when you hear the rest of the album you'll understand their origins. This little triplet had beginnings making music for haunted houses. I recently saw them on an iPod commercial, and just like the turn of Feist, I realized this band would be going public pretty soon. So let's spread them around.

I've always loved male/female vocal duets, and this band is a modern rendition. It's like going to an indie rock concert in the Underworld, surrounded by vampires, werewolves, spiders, and zombies.

I guarantee success. My favorite track is "Evident Utensil", and if you hear another song next, I suggest starting with that one.

Post if you want the full album.


This week has been strange for me, so here's some strange music.

Danielson (also known as Danielson Famile, Danielson Family, and Brother Danielson) is frontman Daniel Smith's music often performed with his siblings, wife, daughter, friends and sometimes other musicians, notably Sufjan Stevens. Danielson: a Family movie explores the polarizing effect the band can have on audiences, the close relationships of the family, Daniel starting his solo career, and his mentoring of Sufjan Stevens.

Like Sufjan Stevens, the music is paired with messages of a Christian nature, but don't write them off as another contemporary Jesus-freak-band before giving them a listen. Here's three songs to get you started

from Ships (2006)
Did I Step on Your Trumpet?

from Brother Is to Sun (2004)
Things Against Stuff
Animal In Every Corner *Recommended*
October 21, 2008

Vampire Weekend


Vampire Weekend is a rock four piece from New York. Their music has some pretty noticeable Baroque, Classical, and African influences which I really think sets them apart and above a lot of the "indie" bands out there today.

Unfortunately, I first heard this song during a free showing of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. In fact, I shouldn't even admit that I saw that movie...anyway, Ottoman is my latest find by Vampire Weekend. It really emphasizes the quartet's knack for non-traditional arrangements and unique instrumentation; I love the playful use of strings. It's an incredibly catchy and easily likable song overall. Enjoy!

Weird Tapes - Get Religion

I'm on a bit of a dance kick lately. But we all need some more fun in our lives. Certainly if there's any adjective that could be applied to Weird Tapes' music, it's 'fun'. Fans of Air and Daft Punk are in for a welcome addition to their musical libraries with "Get Religion," a five-song EP(?) downloadable from the Weird Tapes blog.

Weird Tapes Blog
Weird Tapes on Myspace

African Swim

Those of you who are nerds like myself and still watch cartoons (mainly those of the adultswim variety) probably already know about this, but for those of you who don't, Adult Swim is allowing everyone to download a free compilation of African rappers. Entitled African Swim, the album's 15 tracks represent a pretty wide variety of Hip-Hop, from beats and rhymes obviously influenced by Western rappers (Etc.'s "Organic Boom Rap) to much more interesting takes on this oftentimes oversaturated genre (Rusty Dusty's "The Place I'm From").

Head on over to the [adult swim] website and grab yourself a copy. Well worth it.

peacez and luvz
October 20, 2008

What the...

Trick? It would seem so.

PYLON and DEERHUNTER and HALLOWEEN... All in one night?
This is no joke, my friends. Make your way there or be square.
(The best line-up since Harvey Milk opened for the Melvins.)

Feast On My Heart
Love, Olivia

Teengirl Fantasy

There's an immediate groove with a sampled catcall. A machine drum beat pumped through distortion with waves of synthesized melodies on top filtered through a phaser. One can't help but be caught up in this infectious song while navigating through the various ethereal electronic passages. The infection is good, though. It slips through the defenses of the outer ear and settles nicely in your memory for at least the next seventy two hours or so. You'll be aching to hear this song again. It's like potato chips. You can't ever listen just once. It will probably find a nice home in every single one of your party playlists from now on.

Teengirl Fantasy, comprised of Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss, knows exactly how to craft memorable electronic dance anthems, though they aren't afraid to mellow out and hit you with a more laid back track. Then again, the latter will probably have some sort of rap sample on it. Therein lies the beauty of Teengirl Fantasy's sound. Highly textured sonic environments with plenty of experimental curveballs thrown in for an overall sound that leaves you unable to remain stationary.

peacez & luvz

Teengirl Fantasy on Myspace
Teengirl Fantasy's Angelfire page

Her Space Holiday's Ambidextrous

This is one of my favorite albums from Marc Bianchi, aka Her Space Holiday, and one of my favorite albums of all time.

Marc started out in the hardcore scene, playing guitar for bands like Indian Summer and Mohinder (not Suresh). Marc initially wanted to focus on running a record label, but soon found his calling in playing the DJ and the artist himself. Thus in 1996, Her Space Holiday was born, and in 2001 we have this lovely remix album released.

Marc remixes songs from artists such as Duster, Aspera Ad Astra, Micromars, Bright Eyes, and one of his own songs. The diverse collection of sounds combined with a personal artistry to combine different elements with a driving force developed in his hardcore days is what makes this album memorable and unique. This is Marc Bianchi at his brightest and most diverse. He is poignant, funny, playful, and yet still deeply dissatisfied with everything.

My favorite track is "Why Didn't My Parents? (Analog Alien Mix)". I'll be posting a lot more Her Space Holiday in the future, and this is a band I've never had anyone dislike. Download this album.

Electric President's Self-Titled

A Jacksonville Beach duo bent on describing the snowy world around them through distant and haunting lyrics with a glitch electronica background. A perfect 10 track album released only two years ago, Ben Cooper writes about the distance and isolation caused by technology, industry, and homogenization of culture and living conditions. It's the best thing from Florida since Limp Bizkit.

My favorite track is "Some Crap About The Future", but this is an album which can be listened to in its entirety, with each track building upon each other to paint a distinct picture of Cooper's state of mind. You'll want more.