August 31, 2010

Your hometown in the new Arcade Fire video

I love Arcade Fire's new album, The Suburbs. I'm personally enjoying it much more than Neon Bible - the nostalgic stories of childhood in the suburbs in their newest effort appeal much more to me, and feel so much more personal and sincere, than Neon Bible's ambitious and grandiose attacks on church, state and society. The band further explores the theme of childhood memories in their amazing new interactive music video 'We Used to Wait', which lets you enter the town you grew up in for some very sweet personalized video collages!

mp3: Arcade Fire - We Used To Wait
August 6, 2010

Röyksopp Adventures in Barbieland

Norwegian electronica duo Röyksopp are releasing their fourth studio album, Senior, on September 13. The album is entirely instrumental, a drastic turn from last year's poppy, vocal-driven Junior. Today, they finally gave their fans a taste of several of the album's tracks, in the form of the extremely weird, quirky and hilarious short film "Röyksopp Adventures in Barbieland". The ten-minute video clip features Barbie dolls, clips of new songs, and the two musicians themselves dressed to look like, er, 'senior citizens'.

video: Röyksopp Adventures in Barbieland

The new album sounds promising, it seems like Röyksopp are going back to their roots: The 2001 chillout masterpiece Melody AM with its many atmospheric, haunting, instrumental tracks.

mp3: Röyksopp - In Space (From Melody AM, 2001)