August 6, 2010

Röyksopp Adventures in Barbieland

Norwegian electronica duo Röyksopp are releasing their fourth studio album, Senior, on September 13. The album is entirely instrumental, a drastic turn from last year's poppy, vocal-driven Junior. Today, they finally gave their fans a taste of several of the album's tracks, in the form of the extremely weird, quirky and hilarious short film "Röyksopp Adventures in Barbieland". The ten-minute video clip features Barbie dolls, clips of new songs, and the two musicians themselves dressed to look like, er, 'senior citizens'.

video: Röyksopp Adventures in Barbieland

The new album sounds promising, it seems like Röyksopp are going back to their roots: The 2001 chillout masterpiece Melody AM with its many atmospheric, haunting, instrumental tracks.

mp3: Röyksopp - In Space (From Melody AM, 2001)

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