February 2, 2011

One Evening Hotel

After listening to Broken Social Scene's 'Hotel' on a bus trip the other day, I realised that there was something very familiar about the ending of the song. A quick listen to Feist's 'One Evening' confirmed what I had suspected - they have the excact same guitar riffs! How come I never noticed this before? Here's a mix I made where the two songs are blended together:

mp3: Feist & Broken Social Scene - One Evening Hotel


Anonymous said...

This song was originally a remix of Feist's "One Evening". She didn't like it so Broken Social Scene adopted it.

Anonymous said...

The BSS version was supposed to appear on an EP for One Evening, but both BSS and Feist thought it too dark and thus it made its way onto BSS' self-titled album. Good ears.

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