September 19, 2008

Jenny Lewis

Image from Minnesota Public Radio

Acid Tongue

Most of you probably know Jenny Lewis from either her contribution of vocal tracks on The Postal Service's Give Up or her indie ensemble Rilo Kiley; or, I guess if you don't know her from either of those, she was in Troop Beverly Hills. She's been in the music scene for about ten years, but didn't achieve widespread acclaim until 2004. Whatever, anyway, in my opinion, this track showcases an independent Lewis at her best.

I'm pretty sure with this Jenny Lewis title track off her new album, Acid Tongue, I've become a sucker for alt-country. Her alternative take on the genre is really amazing; not only is the track simple in terms of production and instrumentation, but it also highlights Jenny Lewis' amazing sense of musicality with her vocals; I think the gospel-like vocal harmonies are a stroke of genius. If this is any indication of what's to come on the album, I can't wait.

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rachelle said...

this was my first time listening to this track, and i love it. i had heard a few negative things about her new album recently, and really disliked the recent rilo kiley album, but now i'm tempted to download acid tongue.