September 19, 2008

The Middle East

Image from VisitTheMiddleEast


I first found this track through OpenYourEyesToMusic and was immediately intrigued by Peter's statements surrounding this song and band: "By all logical explanations, I shouldn't know it exists. The band is based in Townsville, over 1000km away. I had neither heard or heard of them before today." Which is completely, 100% true. This band is based in Australia...on the other side of the planet from me. They have no label affiliations, no promotions here, and the only way I found them was through some light digging online. I'm so glad I did the little bit of digging it took to find this song.

Yeah, the title frightened me a bit. When I first downloaded this track I thought I was getting myself into some kind of death metal song; In the first few seconds I found out I was totally wrong. This is one of the most spectacular tracks I've found online in a long time. The use of vocal harmonies is amazing; the pacing of the song is perfect; the development of recurring melodies almost reminds me of a Sigur Ros feel. This definitely isn't a post-rock track, but the Sigur Ros influence is pretty noticeable. Solid track overall.

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