January 31, 2009


I've been spending a good deal of time going back and forth between Roswell, GA and Athens here. Besides the constant opportunities to lose my cool and consider running people off the road or follow them to their garage to teach them proper turn signal etiquette, I've enjoyed listening to my favorite radio station covering the metro Atlanta area: Album 88.5. GA State's broadcasts are far superior to Tech's 91.1 and even UGA's own overly pretentious 90.5. Despite my love for Album 88, I had never called the station before the fateful evening when they helped me discover Tobacco's "Hairy Candy." The track talks to the same sexually ambivalent part of me that recommends Crystal Castles.

Hairy Candy

FYI: Tobacco is a member of Black Moth Super Rainbow, a band I have little experience with. I will surely be raiding their catalog shortly.

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non serviam said...

Black Moth Super Rainbow did a collaborative album with The Octopus Project a little while back, too. I'll try and find it and post some.