February 10, 2009

Grammys 2009

I never really pay attention to the Grammy's; in fact, I think music as a whole has become so vast in it's repertoire that having something like the Grammy's is pointless. I ended up watching this Grammy's show anyway and I was pleasantly surprised. Not by the awards given out, but by the performances and news given. I've posted what I think were the two best performances of the night...M.I.A.'s due date was the date of the Grammy's and she performed anyway. She's just about the only person bad ass enough to pull off a scantily clad outfit in such a condition, but she pulled it off amazingly. Next up is Radiohead with 15 Step (wtf? Radiohead plays the Grammy's?); to be honest, I was a little let down by Radiohead's performance, only Yorke and Greenwood showed up...but being accompanied by a fucking marching band playing in 5/4 is pretty sweet.

Oh, yeah, Blink 182 announced that they are reforming. I was a Blink fan a long long time ago, so I thought that was a pretty cool bit of info. Thank god Billy Corgan didn't get on stage and announce plans to do some other game-changing project, I don't think I can handle another let down.

EDIT: Videos removed from YouTube by the Grammys


non serviam said...

Fuck awards shows. I boycott them just on general principle.

Jack Scolloquial said...

yeah, usually I do too, and I pretty much ignored the awards, but those two performances were sweet