February 3, 2009

Smashing Pumpkins FOL


So, Billy Corgan is done with making full length albums. From now on, he's sticking strictly to releasing singles; the first was with GLOW, which I posted earlier. I suppose this is the second in line...this song debuted on a Hyundai commercial for the Super Bowl and was made available to download for free from the Hyundai site after that. It's pretty boring; Pitchfork described it well by saying "You liked Zero, right? This isn't as good."


girl scout said...

I had this idea for a while. My favorite format is actually the EP over the LP or single.

Jack Scolloquial said...

i've been thinking about experimenting with releasing a series of EP's as small short stories every couple months instead of huge gaps between LPs. Kinda like lil wayne with his mixtapes.

speaking of weezy, did you know he carries around a flask of hawaiian punch mixed with codeine syrup?

girl scout said...

Ew, why? Codeine? Why not a better opioid. Come on WAYNE!

But I would love a flask of that right now.

Vizitrone said...

Wow, that's just weird. Giving up the album format altogether sounds like an extremely silly idea. I don't like what Corgan has become :(

I hate when music critics/writers ramble on about how the ""ipod generation"" stopped listening to whole albums, and only listens to playlists, or their entire collection of music in shuffle. Those people have always existed: They used to buy CD singles and listen to radio.

There are many bands out there who are still able to put out a great concept album, a one-hour piece of art that sounds like an entity.

*goes back to his old Smashing Pumpkins albums, remembering how Corgan was able to create such albums himself, way back*

girl scout said...

I'm still one of those people who only downloads music or buys music (rare) in full copies. If I get a song, I want the album.

When I play music, it's playing an entire album. If I make playlists, it's usually entire albums at a time.

I really wish Corgan would just calm down a little and just release music. Not try to live up to something or whatever he is doing. Just write a damn song and pump it out. Why can't he just grab a guitar, strum it, and sing a little song like he could Siamese Dream-era?

non serviam said...

Exactly. I feel like he's trying way too hard.

Jack Scolloquial said...

+1 on corgan trying too hard. while i do agree that the singles/radio listeners have always existed and have evolved into the playlist/shuffle generation, i think the majority has shifted. i feel like the average listener used to be a full album listener, but now the average listener has shifted to singles listener.

additionally, i think either method can be artistically great if the artist can pull it off...but corgan has failed in the attempt. twice.

girl scout said...

I hope this means that he will release more material that would ACTUALLY find its way onto an EP, similar to the days of the Aeroplane, etc. I want some good ass B sides or something, Corgan.

The real question is whether or not the shift of music appreciation from full albums and consistent bands to remixes, playlists, collaboratives, and music sharing, as well as mashing is GOOD for music. It's certainly different, but this is definitely going to breed a new style of music-making. But I guess that is the great thing about music, a constantly shifting auditory experience that changes faster than generations.