April 25, 2009

David E. Sugar

David E. Sugar - Although You May Laugh

David E. Sugar - I Still Like Your Clothes

David E. Sugar - To Yourself

David E. Sugar is an indie electronica artist from the UK who's released a few quality EPs, singles and standalone tracks in the past couple of years. He started out as an 8-bit chipcore artist programming songs on his Gameboy, but has since evolved to his unique sound of today, somewhere between house and chipcore, but with a dash of guitars and his own vocal work. His tracks are catchy and danceable, and I hope he'll take the step into making a full-length album soon. It's not going to happen this year, though - he has another, perhaps even bigger, project going. Sugar's ambitious project for 2009 consists of releasing 12 (!) little EPs on his own record label, one for each month. His fourth EP just came out, so it looks like the he's keeping up to his promise of hyper-productivity. One to watch out for!

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Jack Scolloquial said...

thanks for posting this, i've never heard of him before but he's really fantastic