April 18, 2009

State of the Site

So we use a service called boxstr.com and we don't know if its just Athens, GA that boxstr has recently decided to not work for, but we can't log in to monitor our bandwidth use or more importantly put up new mp3s. We're looking for a more reliable free service. Thanks for understanding


dok said...

Boxstr seems to have gone completely offline - here's hoping it's only temporary. In the mean time, you can get similar free filehosting from hotlinkfiles.com (4Gb/15 days), fileden.com (lots of ads but no spam, 5Gb/30 days), and filefreak.com (currently not responding to new registrations?)

Jack Scolloquial said...

thanks for the help, we're going to set up shop at one of those temporarily and hope that boxstr comes back

tbomb said...

yeah, thanks again dok.