May 17, 2009


So Boxstr decided to kill my account by not allowing me access and proclaiming that they'd never heard of my email address before when I tried to reset my p-word.  So if my old links are broken, I apologize.  I'll try to re-upload them and change the links when I can.

New account is up.  Username = boxstrsucks

Chiggety-cheers, all.


ico said...

me too... :(
and the site has gone..

Anonymous said...

Too bad u had a bad experience with em, cuz i've been woth them since the beginning and they did have some problems with servers and stuff but overall, much better then any other i saw out there.

but they are building a new website at the moment to replace their Version6 it's true v6 sucks but i'm sure v7 will be amazing.

Anonymous said...

[url=][img][/img][/url] [b] [url=]HOSTED FREE ON[/url][/b]

Boxstr rules they upgraded my free account to pro for FREE.

i'm happy