May 15, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeah's Zero (again)

Toldja I'd get it on here somehow. Either way, YYY has been pissing me off. First they shaft the blog community and then they have this song on the new Gossip Girl commercials? If Karen O's voice wasn't so badass I wouldn't even bother with this.


Vizitrone said...

The new YYY is so good. I'm seeing them live in July, for the first time, after having been huge a fan for six years! :D Can't wait.

Got any links to the YYY vs blog community controversy you're mentioning here?

Jack Scolloquial said...

haha, i can forward you the emails their label has sent me and a few of my other music blogger friends with cease and desist orders for posting "zero"

Jack Scolloquial said...

dude, you were not kidding when you said the new YYY is good. because it's incredible.