August 6, 2009

New Kings of Convenience material

Song recommendations:
Kings of Convenience - Boat Behind
Kings of Convenience - Mrs. Cold
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Mellow and quiet Norwegian acoustic guitar duo Kings of Convenience became a surprise hit wide beyond Norway's borders with the beautiful debut album Quiet Is The New Loud in 2001. They are often compared to Simon & Garfunkel, but I personally believe their guitar technique exceeds the 60s duo by far, and their frank, melancholic and smart lyrics move me more than S&G's poetry manages to on its very best. The two Norwegians followed up their debut LP with another twelve amazing tracks in the outstanding Riot On An Empty Street in 2004, but since then there has been little news from the duo.

The perfectionists Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambæk Bøe didn't want to release anything together that they weren't a hundred per cent satisfied with, and have over the past five years several times mentioned that they have a bunch of new songs in the making, but not enough truly good material for a third album. While keeping us waiting for new KoC material, Erlend Øye has been working on his other band, Whitest Boy Alive, while Eirik has been been featured as a guest vocalist on albums such as Feist's The Reminder and Cornelius' Sensuous.

The Kings have now apparently finally recorded something they think is good enough for the world, and are set to release their third LP in their 8-year career, titled Declaration Of Dependence, in September this year. The first two singles have already been released, with "Boat Behind" as the Norwegian-market single and "Mrs. Cold" planned as the single for the rest of the world. Both songs are extremely promising, and my expectations for the album are currently sky-high. It's good to have you back, KoC!

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