September 29, 2009

Songs to Sleep to Part 1: KC Accidental

Songs to Sleep to

If there’s one judgment people often seem to make about my taste in music, it would be that it is “sleep music”. They can never really define what they mean by this kind of music, but this mood is generally what is captured and affected to the listener. What mood do people often attribute to “sleep music”? Music with fewer lyrics, more emphasis on melody and harmony, and a pace to slow the heart down might be some consistent patterns observed in my tastes.

So, what music do I listen to when I go to sleep? I’ll do a whole series on my bedtime lullabies and give you all a feeling of my bedroom at 3am.

The first album in the series is Anthems for the Could’ve Bin Pills, by KC Accidental. KC Accidental is a band created by Kevin Drew and Charles Spearin, composing the K and C in the band name respectively. You might recognize the two names as associated with Broken Social Scene. You’d be correct to make the leap. As it turns out, KC Accidental is Broken Social Scene. Or rather, Broken Social Scene is KC Accidental. Broken Social Scene alludes to this fact in their song “K.C. Accidental” from the album You Forgot It In People, and Anthems features many of the great and talented artists from Broken Social Scene we have come to love: Emily Haines (Metric), Evan Cranley (Stars), Jason Collett, Jessica Moss (Silver Mt. Zion), James Payment (Do Make Say Think) and James Shaw (Metric).

The album is almost entirely instrumental, save one song, called “Them (Pop Song #3333)”. There is a brilliant layering of classic, organic instruments. Violins and horns, and a steady baseline characteristic of all Broken Social Scene jamouts. The songs are long and expansive, but very distinct. Give a listen to the beginnings of everyone’s favorite Canadian powerhouse.

Song 3: Residential Love Song
Song 5: Them (Pop Song #3333)
Song 6: Is And Of The
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Vizitrone said...

I love this album!
I downloaded K.C. Accidental's albums last year after I had been listening to Feel Good Lost for a while and wanted something more in the same style.

The way you describe your "sleep music" is the exact same way I'd describe my "study music". :) When I'm reading philosophy or international relations or political science, NOTHING helps me concentrate better than the likes of K.C. Accidental, Mogwai and Sigur Rós (the first two albums). I can't have any lyrics when I read, and I need music that gets me focus and into a good rhytm/heartbeat, haha