April 12, 2010

Rare EPs, part 7

Keeping it simple - here's Eels' Rotten World Blues EP (2002). Eels hardly need any introduction, but if you'd still like one, here's my introduction that I wrote for Esoteric Mumblings earlier.

The four songs on this EP are from the Souljacker sessions, which was the most hard-rocking period in Eels' career so far. While Eels frontman Mr. E these days most often writes out of moods such as loneliness, nostalgia and grief, accompanied by the piano and acoustic guitars (though sometimes in combination with electric), the tracks on this EP are written more out of annoyance, anger or a desire to just 'rock out' with electric guitars, like E probably would put it himself.

Jehova's witness, leave me alone!!
Jehova's witness, I'm not at home!

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