April 4, 2010

Three songs

For everyone who enjoyed non serviam's newest entry, here's an mp3 download of the song:
mp3: Hathbanger - Party and Bullshit In the U.S.A. (Miley vs. B.I.G.)

Oh, and here's one more hiphop mashup - I've really been into this one lately:
mp3: Emancipator - Shook (Sigur Rós vs. Mobb Deep)

Also, people have requested us to re-post the song Bridge by the New Wine. No problem, dear readers!
mp3: The New Wine - Bridge

I hope you're all enjoying your Easter holidays - or whatever else you're currently doing.


Download your hearts out. Hopefully those work?
-girl scout


I re-uploaded once more and changed the original links!


non serviam said...

Thanks, sir <3

Courtney said...

would you mind reposting the links? want party and bullshit so bad

Dan said...

Please repost the biggie miley mash

Anonymous said...

repost biggie/miley cyrus mashup, plz

Ryan A. said...

repost plz

girl scout said...

should be reposted! thanks for the comments, sorry for the delay, and let us know if there are any problems.


Anonymous said...

I missed the repost! Could you post party & bullshit one more time?

Jeff Kirkwood said...

Can you please re=post the Emancipator mash-up! It's AMAZING!

Jeff Kirkwood said...

Can you please re=post the Emancipator mash-up! It's AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Link expired - could you repost?

Anonymous said...

that ones good but this one is awesome
bulletproof/party in the usa


Vizitrone said...

Both mashups have been re-uploaded again, my friends!

b243c93852 said...

Can you re-upload Bridge from the new wine? My hd crashed and i have lost everything

Vizitrone said...

Sure! The file has been re-uploaded, and the original link has been changed.