May 6, 2010

Beardy men

Yesterday, I was riding the tram through the city, and when it passed a small sushi place I noticed that all of its three costumers had big beards.

It looked like they were a band or something. A 'beardy men indie-folk' band.

... like Bon Iver

... or Fleet Foxes

What happened to beardy men indie-folk? Neither Bon Iver nor Fleet Foxes have released any new LPs in two years now. I can't believe it's already been two years. Apparently Fleet Foxes are working on a new album that's going to be released in the fall, though! I'm pretty excited about it, after their very strong debut effort. To be fair, Bon Iver at least did an EP a year ago. Hope they start work on a new LP soon! I wonder how long Fleet Foxes' and Bon Ivers' beards have grown by now.
(their beards pretty small at the start of their tours in 2008, but quite long and manly looking by the end of 2008).


Anonymous said...

At least Band of Horses have released a new album. And Ben Bridwell is pretty beardy.

Anonymous said...

Band of Horses' new record, Infinite Arms hits stores 5/18. BUT! You can download one of the tracks, "Factory" for FREEEE!

David said...

Check out all of Bon Iver's side projects...

-Volcano Choir
-Anais Mitchell's album - Hadestown
-His cover of a Peter Gabriel song
-His back up vocals on The Nationals new album
-His song on the Twilght soundtrack

Dude is busy! But I agree, another LP is long overdue!