July 27, 2010

Danky Dank Dank Dank Dank


Juliana Popelka or better known as...

Lisa Dank is a DIY Pop Star who invented herself in the Seattle scene. Love her or hate her, she has the same immediate polarizing effect as Lady Gaga. And that's not only where she stops though, she has the same aesthetic choices in flamboyant clothing and over the top presence.

Not only is she a strong force visually and on stage, but her catchy beats and diva pop star singing are nothing short of intoxicating too. She definitely is not going to be winning American Idol, but her imperfections are easily dismissible for the entire package being presented.

Crazy stage theatrics, commanding stage presence, and in your face pop aren't anything new to music. The only thing is nobody is doing it at such a level that she is now. Sure people can purchase 30$ tickets for a Adam Lambert show, but how many artists do you know can command a stage with the same strength and get everyone moving in a bar suite for 100?

In summary this self proclaimed princess makes indelible pop music with big beats, dance club hooks, absurd lyrics, and the "dont give a fuck" attitude that it takes to keep things interesting.

mp3: Lisa Dank - "On The Radio"

On the Radio by Lisa Dank

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