Recently decided to hire an actual band to promote their site after the previous set of commercials did so well. If you are unaware what I'm talking about, then you are surely missing out. The catchy upbeat little ditties in every song actually were entertaining and the goofy face of the band were hard to resist.

(This one is my personal favorite. My first car looked just like that, but was red)

Anyway, it turns out these guys weren't a real band and just actors paid to sing the song. While an effective jingle, the marketing team decided to take it up a notch and do a band search for the new face of The search took a few months and got plenty commercial coverage (including MTV!), but finally we have a winner.

They are the ... Victorious Secrets! (irony)

What does everyone think? Did they deserve to win? The other 3 runner ups will be posted at the bottom of the post if you didn't get to catch them.

For more information on The Victorious Secrets check out their myspace or their official band website. Their pop rock sound is actually pretty infectious.

(exert from their myspace)

Here's what other anonymous people are saying about
The Victorious Secrets!

"They are not too bad actually."

"Hey... they're okay."

" They remind me somewhat of a grungier Sloan. Shocked that this isn't horrible! I'm sure I'll be sick to death of it though. "

"...interesting chord progressions, and lead vocals that don't infuriate me."

"If I have to put up with it, this is perfectly acceptable."

" Something about their songs remind me of the Von Bondies. I kinda don't hate it. "

" It's not horrible... "



The Poets Dance

I Love Monsters

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