December 11, 2008


If Lil' Jon and (insert favorite ___-core band here) made sweet, sweet love to one another and had a baby, this would be it. Quite possibly the best awful band you've never heard of (unless of course you actually still watch TRL), Brokencyde is my new favorite obsession.

Of course, only one of their songs is really even worth a listen. In terms of consistency, their 'albums' leave a little to be desired. I'd go so far as to say that Brokencyde has captured lightning in a bottle with "Get Crunk." It's a great song, if a tad bit long and repetitive, and if you can forget that the kids who made it really are the equivalent of four monkeys sitting at synthesizers who manage to come up with a Crunkcore masterpiece.

Don't watch the following (or listen to other Brokencyde songs) if you want to have any respect for them. Also, if anyone out there knows of any Crunkcore artists with actual talent, I would LOVE to hear about it, kthx.

Ryan and Randy, this post is for you.

Brokencyde on Myspace