December 5, 2008

Satch sues Coldplay!

Satch claims that Coldplay nabbed arrangements from his song "If I Could Fly" off his 2004 release Is There Love in Space? and is demanding "any and all profits" related to this infringement. Check out the video above between 00:50 and 01:50 and see if you can tell the similarities between If I Could Fly and Viva la Vida. I hope Satch wins.


non serviam said...

1) I never knew Satch's arms were so hairy.

2) Viva la Vida contains no guitar soloes. Coldplay loses by default.

4) KC and JoJo's "All My Life" is a direct ripoff of "Cliffs of Dover." Check that shit out.

Jack Scolloquial said...

my favorite is that 99% of coldplay fans' first question when they see this article is "who is satch?"