December 9, 2008

Montag's Alone, Not Alone

I would call Antoine Bédard (aka Montag) Canada's Justin Tamborello, with a French twist. Young, distant, collaborative and branched, while mixing electronic and dream-pop with classic renditions of duets to create a wonderful dreamscape. He has a sound that is obviously a descendent of a band like Air, and is quite similar sounding to one of his friends and fellow collaborators, Anthony Gonzalez (M83).

Unlike M83, however, I'm not left with a cold, distanced, mechanical taste in my mouth. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I love the taste of iron, but Montag's effect is warm, inviting, and just poppy enough to catch your attention so he can lull you with songs like "Exit Mélodie".

Here are three songs from Alone, Not alone:

Grand Luxe

Perfect Vision

Angles, Country + Terrain Connu

Enjoy the mellow sounds of our northern friend during your Finals week.

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