July 25, 2010

Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!

While randomly stumbling across Ondemand videos, I saw the band name "You Scream, I Scream" and had to click for a listen. What I found was nothing like I expected. In fact of being some awful crunkcore band, its in fact a rather delightful pop/rock romp about dogs.

The band is fairly unknown, I mean the only Internet sources they have are their own myspace page. How they got on my Ondemand music selection is beyond me, either way I just prefer to see this as destiny to show this adorable song and music video with everyone else.

So without further adieu here is You Scream, I Scream: "Dog"

Hopefully after watching that your all amped up about dogs and are running to your local pet pound to pick up one....

Here's a few other songs to add to that Dog playlist...

The Suicide Machines: "Sometimes I Don't Mind"

Cat Stevens: "I Love My Dog"

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