July 6, 2010

New of Montreal track: Coquet Coquette

mp3: of Montreal - Coquet Coquette

False Priest, of Montreal's first album in two years, is scheduled for a September 14 release. Being a big fan of the band, and honestly believing that every new album they make always turns out to be better than everything they've done before, my expectations are sky-high. The news I've heard of False Priest so far, and the hints from frontman Kevin Barnes as to what it will sound like, have been rather contradictory and puzzling. On the one hand, the album will supposedly be even more funk and r&b influenced than the funky previous two albums, on the other hand it's supposedly marking a return to 'real' instruments and a more analog rock and roll sound like on the earlier of Montreal releases - away from the drum machines, sequencers, loops and synths from the latest three.

On top of these two confusing bits of news, there's the intriguing fact than Jon Brion is producing the album. The combination of Jon Brion and of Montreal worked fantastically on 2009's excellent Jon Brion Remix EP, so I'm excited about the prospect of Brion putting his magic touch on every single one of False Priest's songs. of Montreal have finally presented a first taste of the album to the world: the track 'Coquet Coquette' was released as a free digital single on June 25th, and yesterday another track, called 'Hydra Fancies', appeared on the internet through the blog Some Kind of Awesome. Both songs certainly sounds different than the of Montreal I'm used to - more polished production than ever before, and a mix of instruments that differs heavily from both the lo-fi rock of the earlier albums and the electronic style of the latest ones. Most of all, though, it just sounds like the band has grown up, and in a very positive way. I can't wait to hear the rest of this one!