March 18, 2010

Rare EPs, part 2

Keeping it simple. This is Her Space Holiday's Something Blue EP.

The theme to the extended is a traditional wedding custom- having something old, new, borrowed and blue.

1 Something Old (Floating)
2 Something New (Happy As A Ghost)
3 Something Borrowed (Fan Club)
4 Something Blue (Our First Date)

Something Old is an instrumental track, and Something New is a highly lyrical track with organic drums and ethereal vocals with a simple accompanying chord with highly memorable lyrics:

I don't know where I hide my emotions
Wanted to show you my undying devotion
Something New is easily my favorite track on the EP, because of its density, emphasis on vocal tonality, and simple, organic instrumentation. The lyrics and mood are revealed slowly, and make it one of my favorite Her Space Holiday songs.


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Anonymous said...

Great EP - is there any way you could re-upload Something Borrowed? I'm sad I missed it!