March 29, 2010

Rare EPs, part 6

Keeping it simple:

Broken Social Scene’s 7/4 (Shoreline) Single

This was a very cool EP I picked up a few years ago, and has some great tracks on it. The first track is of course the title track, and the single itself- 7/4 (Shoreline). This was actually the first song I heard from the to-be-released self titled album, and I instantly fell in love with the song- from simple guitar chord to driving drum beat and harmonious vocals.

This is an important single because it answers important questions. Ever what would happen if Stars and Sons and Lover’s Spit had a baby? Wonder no more! I can’t do any justice by trying to explain the combination of these two seemingly opposites- one, a strong, driving song, and another a lingering, enigmatic ghost called Stars and Spit.

Death Cock is also a very interesting track (stemming from the name I suppose). A simple snare and piano overlay, and Kevin Drew being as indecipherable as he was on Shampoo Suicide. The trouble lays in the fact that his most poetic and beautiful lyrics are often turned into esoteric mumblings (see what I did there?):

Trouble, my trouble, mourir
Left my lungs with the fear
Test patterns on the air
I killed you, I did it, my dear

Download these rarities and enjoy what happened in between You Forgot It In People and Broken Social Scene (s/t).

7/4 (Shoreline) Mirror
Stars and Spit Mirror
Death Cock Mirror

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