October 20, 2008

Teengirl Fantasy

There's an immediate groove with a sampled catcall. A machine drum beat pumped through distortion with waves of synthesized melodies on top filtered through a phaser. One can't help but be caught up in this infectious song while navigating through the various ethereal electronic passages. The infection is good, though. It slips through the defenses of the outer ear and settles nicely in your memory for at least the next seventy two hours or so. You'll be aching to hear this song again. It's like potato chips. You can't ever listen just once. It will probably find a nice home in every single one of your party playlists from now on.

Teengirl Fantasy, comprised of Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss, knows exactly how to craft memorable electronic dance anthems, though they aren't afraid to mellow out and hit you with a more laid back track. Then again, the latter will probably have some sort of rap sample on it. Therein lies the beauty of Teengirl Fantasy's sound. Highly textured sonic environments with plenty of experimental curveballs thrown in for an overall sound that leaves you unable to remain stationary.

peacez & luvz

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