October 28, 2008

Furry Happy Monsters

I'd be insane not to continue this puppet video trend. This is my FAVORITE performance from the Muppet Show, featuring none other than R.E.M.

And here's the mp3: Furry Happy Monsters

That's not all, folks.

That's right, Feist was on Sesame Street. And it was awesome.

peacez and luvz


girl scout said...

I love counting, counting to the number four.

My God she is lovely.

rachelle said...

holy cow, i looooved that. i love her.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy all the puppet videos in this blog a lot. Feist is a artist I really love, so this was a peak in your puppet music video collection so far. :D Although I'm a big fan, I had _no idea_ she had done this. Apparently, her awesomeness knows no limits.


non serviam said...

Favorite female vocalist + favorite children's programming = Happy Campers.