October 22, 2008


This week has been strange for me, so here's some strange music.

Danielson (also known as Danielson Famile, Danielson Family, and Brother Danielson) is frontman Daniel Smith's music often performed with his siblings, wife, daughter, friends and sometimes other musicians, notably Sufjan Stevens. Danielson: a Family movie explores the polarizing effect the band can have on audiences, the close relationships of the family, Daniel starting his solo career, and his mentoring of Sufjan Stevens.

Like Sufjan Stevens, the music is paired with messages of a Christian nature, but don't write them off as another contemporary Jesus-freak-band before giving them a listen. Here's three songs to get you started

from Ships (2006)
Did I Step on Your Trumpet?

from Brother Is to Sun (2004)
Things Against Stuff
Animal In Every Corner *Recommended*

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