October 22, 2008


/ Nano-Chromatic, the new iPod Nano commercial

If there's one thing I like it's ghosts and girly indie pop bands. When you first listen to it, you'll be inclined to think that the song is catchy. Catchy it is not. This song is haunting. It will pull you in, and when you hear the rest of the album you'll understand their origins. This little triplet had beginnings making music for haunted houses. I recently saw them on an iPod commercial, and just like the turn of Feist, I realized this band would be going public pretty soon. So let's spread them around.

I've always loved male/female vocal duets, and this band is a modern rendition. It's like going to an indie rock concert in the Underworld, surrounded by vampires, werewolves, spiders, and zombies.

I guarantee success. My favorite track is "Evident Utensil", and if you hear another song next, I suggest starting with that one.

Post if you want the full album.

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rachelle said...

i love this song. i want the full album. pleasesepleaserplease.